Finding carpoolers

Finding carpoolers

With 2000 daily offers on, you will easily find a driver or passenger with whom you can share your ride.
But how do you find your ideal match? Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Make an account on
  2. Place an ad as a passenger or offer a ride as a driver.
  3. The system will find the perfect carpooler(s) for you.
  4. Contact each other and make arrangements for the shared ride.

If your company is affiliated to Carpool, register via your employer.
For more information contact your mobility coordinator.

If you don’t find a suitable partner immediately, please come back later to our website.
Every day, our database grows with new carpooling offers!




 A detailed profile

To ensure the reliability of each carpooler, some personal information, such as your gender and date of birth, is required to fill in your profile. We also ask you to use your real name and not a pseudonym. Other things, such as a profile picture, a link with your Facebook profile, more details about your car, ... are not required. However, it is recommended to fill in your profile as completely as possible. In this way carpoolers will trust you more easily. 

Internal messaging system

At Carpool you have the possibility to contact each other via a telephone number (if this is released) or via the internal messaging system. Thanks to this system, your e-mail address will not be shown on the platform.

 Your decision

You choose whether or not you want to carpool with someone.
Tip: If possible, you can call the person you want to ride with in advance. Ideal for breaking the ice!

 User evaluation

The mutual trust between carpoolers is very important. Therefore, after each shared trip, the driver and passenger(s) will be asked to assess each other. In this way you already have some knowledge about your travel companion. Is your carpool partner funny, friendly, a great music lover,...?


You shouldn't worry about insurance! Carpooling is covered by your standard car insurance.
For more information, please check our web page ‘Insurance’.

 The Mpact team

The Mpact team really tries to give you confidence in our carpool community! If someone is often negatively evaluated, we will look at the problem and respond with feedback. The members we receive complaints about will be contacted by us and, if necessary, removed from our member base. Fortunately, this is only very rarely needed!

You are nevertheless responsible for the smooth running of your carpool ride. Mpact is not responsible in any way for the compliance with agreements made or any other incident occurring during the trip.


Enjoy your carpool ride!

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