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With the Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut (HELHa), finding a road partner has never been so easy!

It's back to school! With the restart of classes, finding an available parking space can be a miracle... One solution: carpooling! Coming together is a friendly way to reduce traffic jams, free up parking spaces and also share costs. Even once a week, carpooling offers quite a few advantages. Carpooling is economical, friendly and ecological! From now on, join the Carpooling community! With the support of the FWB and ARES.

A carpooler is surely waiting for you somewhere. Propose a ride to see who and where.

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Carpooling? Check out the advantages!

Just by sharing your ride once a week, you can: 

  • Save a nice sum
  • Decrease traffic jams and your ecological footprint
  • Meet new colleagues
  • Relax when you're not driving

Also via our app

Discover our app, for even more flexible carpooling. 

The application allows you to enter your trips (occasional or regular), to find carpoolers and evaluate them.

The application is free!


more about the app
more about the app

Tax benefit

Make the most out of your travel compensation by receiving a tax certificate. 

To enjoy the tax benefit for carpooling:

  • you receive travel-to-work compensation from your company
  • your company works with MobiCalendar
  • you create an account on MobiCalendar, using your company's unique access code
  • you enter your carpool kilometres in the calendar

When all of the above applies, you will receive a tax certificate which you can use to claim a tax exemption for (a part of) your travel compensation!


Still have a question?

Contact your mobility coordinator:

Jean-Baptiste COULAUD

Still have a question?