How much does it cost to use

The registration on and the search for carpoolers is completely free.
We will not ask you for a contribution in costs at any time.

 Sharing the costs

The passenger provides a carpool fee to the driver for the transport itself. This compensation is determined entirely in mutual agreement between driver and passenger. It is best to make clear agreements in advance. 

Advice Mpact:

You better handle this payment directly before or after the ride (cash, payment app,...). 
If you regularly carpool together, you can make agreements about the weekly (or monthly) reimbursement of your carpool rides. You can also arrange it by alternatingly carpooling together (one week person X drives, the next week person Y) so that no money has to be exchanged.

The fee you receive as a driver does not have to be reported to the tax authorities.

If the detour made by the driver is explicitly requested by the employer, then these kilometres can be introduced and reimbursed as a service trip. This amount is not taxed, as it is considered a reimbursement of expenses.

 No profit

It is very important to keep in mind that the driver can’t make a profit on the ride. This means that the total amount paid to the driver (by all the passengers) can’t be over € 0.43 per kilometre.

If the driver should make a profit on the ride, there are a lot of consequences for insurances, obligations concerning the driving licence, fiscality…